What is it?

We help companies with their videos and vlogs, with our app, tools and service.

How to I use it.

There are many ways to use video! Vlogs, clips, promotional, events, briefings etcetera...

Why this service.

We believe in customer and employee engagement. Connect and engage to viewers!


Use the app to easily edit and share your videos.


Tips, tricks and tutorials how to best make videos.


Professional tools for the best results.

Create marketing videos without hiring a videographer

Create videos quicker than ever before, and stay relevant for all audiences. Use your both your phone and computer!

Boost Sales

Video outperforms photo and text time and time again. Post videos on channels that matter and engage your audience!

Complete and powerful

Everything that makes VlogAhead unique.


We add your branding

We help you to get started by adding your branding into the app. This way you can start directly.

Editing Service within 48h

Are you stuck? Do you want something fancy? Just push a button and we edit your video within 2 office days.



Subtitling is very powerful for Social Media, but it's complicated ot much work to do yourself. That is why can subtitle all your videos (in Dutch of English) within 2 office days.

geschikt voor alle cameras

Compatible with most cameras

Every common video format is accepted. Easy add videos from your webcam, GoPro, drone or even Red camera.

Everything in the cloud

Every video is saved in the cloud. This way, it is always available. Rendering also happens in the cloud.

Works everywhere

As long as you have internet, you can get going. Whether it is on the beach with your phone, or home on a laptop.

Social Icons

Compatible with Social Media.

Make video or vlog instantly compatible with social media, and share directly with these platforms.

Werk met templates

Useful templates

Use one of our formats, or create an own. E.g. Product reviews, event rapports or a daily vlog.



VlogAhead is made to make videos a fun, and lucrative as possible. Everything you need for this is located in the Dashboard.

muziek bibliotheek

Free music library

Use vlogahead a quickly and easily add completely royalty free music.

Eigen stijlen

Create your own styles

It is very easy to make new styles for your videos. Make new color combinations or adjust fonts.

Valuable Academy

No Experience? No problem! We help you with tutorials and some basic rules for making videos.

Service Desk Vlogahead

Support and updates.

Just contact us at any time is you have any questions. Also, we are always working to improve our product and service.

Some very convincing numbers

1 %
See sales increase

80%  sees increase in sales when using video.


– Wowza

1 %
Video traffic

82% of all the video traffic in 2020 is video.

– Cisco

1 %

90% of the big brands post a video at least 1x each week 


– Youtube

Ready to start making videos?