Step 1

First you need to log in, using your email address and your password.

Step 2

When logged in, the first thing you will see is the homescreen.

Here you can find the button named “add vlog” completely at the bottom of the page. Click this button to start your vlog adventure.

Step 3

Pressing the button “add vlog” gives you a couple of options to choose from. For now choose the option “from scratch”.

Step 4

After pressing the “plus icon” in the bottom left corner, you get another pop-up with several options to choose from.

The options displayed here are “video” (record a video or pick a video from your folders), “fade” (choose a transition for inbetween different clips), “title” (add a title to a video clip) and “branding” (add branded content like for example a logo animation of your company).

Step 5

Let’s first check out the option “video”.

Here you can record a vlog on-the-go, or select a video from your folders, which you recorded earlier that day or week.

Step 6

After recording/selecting a video, the recorded or selected video will appear in what we like to call the “vlog editor”.

You can record or add as much videos as you like, but our advice is to add as less as possible, cause “less is more”.

Step 7

Next you select the option “title” after pressing the plus icon again. With this you can add a title to the video clip. These are small graphics before, during or after the clip.

With catchy titles, your video content becomes even more relevant for your target audience. Enter your desirable text, then press the “place” button to place the title in the “vlog editor”.

Step 8

After adding titles, press the “branding” button next.

By pressing this button you can add branded content, like a logo animation of your company. Press the “place” button to place your branded content in the “vlog editor”.

Our advice is to place this branded content before and after a video clip to create extra awareness for your brand.

Step 9

Click on the “fade” option next. Here you can pick a desirable fade to use inbetween video clips, to make transitions smooth.

Select the fade you would like to use. Press the “place” button, and the fade will be placed in the “vlog editor”.

Step 10

After adding all titles, videos, transitions and branded content you want, you can re-order all assets as you like in the “vlog editor”.

To do so, all you have to do is press and hold the thumbnail of the asset you wish to move, and move it up or down to where you want it to be placed.

Step 11

If you wish to edit a video clip that you added in the “vlog editor”, then press the video’s thumbnail and swipe it to your right.

By doing so, a couple of options appear on the left side of the video (in this case “trim/split” and “more”).

Step 12

Click the “trim/split” option and a pop-up will show up, letting you pick between “trim” or “split”.

“Trim” lets you shorten the video clip, “trimming” it down to the length you desire. With “split” you can “cut” the video clip in half at a desirable point (halfway through, at the beginning or at the end, that is up to you).

Step 13

The other edit option is called “more”. A pop-up will appear, giving you two options to choose from.

The first option is “overlay”. With the overlay you can choose to add “lower thirds” or “texts” to your video clip. You can select when and where you want to place the lower thirds or the texts.

The other option is “sound”. With this option you can add music or other sounds to your video clips.

Step 14-1

To be able to use the “sound” option, you first have to add music to the “vlog editor”.

To do so, you must go to the “hamburger menu” in the top left corner of the “vlog editor”. After pressing this you can see a list of songs to choose from. Choose the song you would like to add and go back to the vlog editor.

Step 14-2

After adding the desirable sound, go to the video clip and swipe it to the right to open up the edit menu on the left side. Select “more” once again and go to “sound”.

A small pop-up will appear. All you have to do here is push the button that says “Apply this configuration to all media in this vlog”, and make sure the music icon is lit up (just like the microphone icon in the example). Press “save” to continue.

Step 14-3

After following the previous steps, you can edit for each and every video clip where you wish to play the sound or mute it.

To do so, swipe the assets like logo’s and titles to the right. Doing this opens up an option on the left called “sound”. Use this option to turn on/off the sound per asset.

To edit the sound in video clips, swipe the thumbnail to the right and go to “more” and select the “sound” option. Turn on/off the music or video sound whenever you like.

Step 15

After adding all assets and videos, editing all sounds and clips, and you are pleased with the end result, you can now “render” your vlog.

To do so, press the “arrow” in the bottom right corner. This leads you to the “configure vlog” menu where you can make some last adjustments before rendering your vlog.

Step 16

Arriving on the “configure vlog” menu, you get to add the final touches to your vlog.

Pick a catchy title, and maybe a descirption to explain what the vlog is all about. Do you not like the colour use in some video clips? Add a desirable filter.

Step 17

Besides using a filter, you can also choose for “logo overlay”. Turning this option on, will display your logo over the entire vlog at all times.

You can also pick the correct orientation. Did you record while holding you phone vertical? Choose for portrait mode. Did you record while holding your phone horizontal? Choose for landscape mode.

For square mode it does not matter how you held your phone while recording the vlog. This mode is meant for social media like Instagram.

Step 18

Now you have followed all steps and your video is ready to be rendered. To do so, press the “render” button in the bottom right corner.

You have to wait for around 20 seconds for the render to be finished. It depends on how many assets, video clips and extras you have added. The more you use, the longer it will take to render the vlog.

Step 19

After the vlog has been rendered, you can preview it right there on the screen.

If you wish to download it onto your device (like your mobile phone or your laptop), then press the “download” button in the center and your vlog will be downloaded onto your current device right away.