Start creating video content.

Smartphones have such good cameras nowadays, that everyone can make professional videos. You just need some basic rules, some tools and some help to get you started. To support organisations and vloggers to make professional content, we offer:


Film with your phone, edit and share videos.


Learn the rules to make high quality content


Sound, light and stabilzation for perfect videos

Complete videos within minutes.

Use the app easily create videos, very fast. Do you want a professional to edit your video? Or do you simply not have the time to make a video yourself? Put the videos in our app, and press a button to send all your material to an editor, and receive a complete edited project within 2 working days.

Professional results with the right tools

Why does one video look much better than the other? Except from some rules, there are some very useful tools to get a professional result. Think of tripod, microphone or light, all for your smartphone.

No experience necessary

We point you in the right direction with our basic rules and short tutorials. Want to get even better? Our academy offers 38 courses to deepen your understanding. That is how you get the maximum out of your self made videos. We also offer masterclasses (On site of online).

Start making great video content

"What really turned me over was the ability to understand how everything works without any prior knowledge."