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General question and answers about service

Of course. Just fill in your email address here and we will contact you with the details.

Most modern phones are compatible. The app is available on ios 10 or higher, and Android 5 or higher.

We generally recommend Google Chrome. However, Chrome is not compatible with iPhone-shot material. However, it can be opened by Safari (on Mac) or Edge (on Windows 10). To let it work on Edge on Windows 10, you first have to install this plugin from Microsoft and then restart your computer.

Yes, you can try it first. We encourage you to contact us for more details about this. But do note that results will be much better with hardware and some basic training.


Question and answers about accounts

Try to reset your password. If that doesn't work, please contact us.

Currently, there are two different back-ends. One for managing teams and user accounts, one for extra's (like scripts, subtitling and status of your custom edit.

The Team Manager (the first one who signed up), does have access to the back-end where he or she can manage new users.