Make video content, easy and automated.

  • Easily shoot with your phone, without a videographer
  • In-house video production for companies, brands and vloggers.
  • Share branded content super fast and easy on social media.
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VlogAhead includes:

Easy app

Use the app to shoot videos, easily edit and share. Automatically in your branding.

Useful tools

Clear sound, good lighting and a steady image. Our tools take care of this!


We support companies with our academy, corporate onboarding and masterclasses.

Edit Service

Want something very fancy? Or are you stuck? Let a professional editor take care of your video. Within 48h.

Easily create videos and vlogs.

Everyone can make a professional looking video with the use of our guidelines, tools and the powerful app. Make videos with the same quality as a production company would do. Much faster and for a fraction of the cost!

Professional quality

The quality of smartphone footage is so good, that you can easily use your smartphone for professional results. We make it affordable and scalable. For even better results, we can provide your editing, subtitling and scriptwriting.

Brandify your videos!

Keep your brand visible, and use video to engage with customers, every day! Boost your brand and sales. Use VlogAhead to very quickly make your video recognizable and professional.

So what are the possibilities?

Create more videos than ever, with massive possibilities:

Video content

  • Hub Content
  • Maintenance Content
  • Event Videos
  • Product videos
  • Newsletter / Video update


  • Video Ads
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Behind the scenes
  • Celebrations
  • Personal Acquisition


  • Social Media vlogs
  • Workforce briefing
  • Vlogs of special occasions
  • Newsletter / Video update
  • Video tutorials

Our Services

Vlog Academy

We offer exciting courses and workshops on location. Here you will learn what corporate vlogging is all about. We will teach you how to make relevant content specifically for your own organization.

Video Brand Strategy

No idea how to apply vlogs and other video content in your business? We have vast experience and can help any business achieve success with (online) videos and vlogs.

Professional editing

Want something even fancier? There is an option to have a professional editor take care of your edit for that extra professional touch. Achieve the most professional results without any effort!


Nowadays, many people watch videos without sound. Luckily we have the solution. Custom subtitling! Just click the button and a professional will subtitle the vlog for you.

Let's get the app.


Buy a toolkit

Make your video even more professional by using our tools. We provide tools to record professional audio and keep your phone steady for even better results!

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Make videos from scratch, with templates or with a script.
Then brandify and share it within seconds!

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